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Steel Lockers

Pucel Steel Lockers | Optimal Handling Solutions inc | Material Handling Equiipment
  • All steel lockers are welded and fully assembled.
  • Models:  
    • The (STL) single tier unit has a shelf 10" from top, a coat rod, 1 two prong hook and 2 one prong coat hooks.
    • The (DTL) double tier locker has 1 two prong hook and 2 one prong hooks.
    • Multi-tier lockers (MTL) have all open compartments
  • Doors have a padlock loop with chrome handle.
  • Louvers are located on the front door
  • Holes in sides are provided for bolting multiple units together.
  • Available in 13 Standard Colors or Custom Color

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SKU Type Overall Size (WxDxH) Weight (lbs) Price
STL-1212-60 Single Tier Lockers 12"x12"x60" 62 $288.00
STL-1218-+60 Single Tier Lockers 12"x18"x60" 75 $306.36
STL-1212-72 Single Tier Lockers 12"x12"x72" 71 $309.72
STL-1218-72 Single Tier Lockers 12"x18"x72" 86 $320.85
STL-1818-72 Single Tier Lockers 18"x18"x72" 105 $345.74
DTL-1212-60 Double Tier Lockers 12"x12"x60" 62 $292.77
DTL-1218-60 Double Tier Lockers 12"x18"x60" 75 $311.02
DTL-1212-72 Double Tier Lockers 12"x12"x72" 71 $311.27
DTL-1218-72 Double Tier Lockers 12"x18"x72" 86 $327.08
DTL-1818-72 Double Tier Lockers 18"x18"x72" 105 $351.97
MTL-1212-60 Multi-Tier Lockers 12"x12"x60" 73 $315.05
MTL-1218-60 Multi-Tier Lockers 12"x18"x60" 90 $334.61
MTL-1212-72 Multi-Tier Lockers 12"x12"x72" 84 $334.20
MTL-1218-72 Multi-Tier Lockers 12"x18"x72" 104 $359.43
MTL-1818-72 Multi-Tier Lockers 18"x18"x72" 130 $394.38