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Operator Controlled Load Leveler



This fully powered hydraulic Load Leveler is the ideal choice when precise load positioning is required or when load weights, pallet sizes or product dimension vary greatly and frequently.

Built-In Turntable Top


Available Options:

  • Phenolic Cover:  Sits above the palletizer, but under the turntable ring. Keeps debris from collecting under the unit
  • Solid Disc Cover:  Solid steel disc cover in place of open turntable ring. Ideal for damaged pallets or small / odd sized pallets or skids.  
  • Bellows Accorian Skirting:Black and yellow vinyl skirting wraps entire unit to keep underneath free from debris. Pleats expand and contract as unit raise and lowers.  
  • Access Step:  Handy step slips into fork channels to give shorter workers better access to the top of loads. Non-skid surface.
  • Square Turntable:  Units can be equipped with a square turntable instead of the standard ring. Use with small or odd shaped skids or pallets. 
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SKU Type Diameter Raised Height Lowered Height Base Size (WxD) Capacity (lbs) Weight (lbs) Price
P3PH-24-20 Std Motor: 1HP 43 5/8" 32 3/4" 8 3/4" 40"x36" 2000 700 $0.00
P3PH-24-40 Std Motor: 1HP 43 5/8" 32 3/4" 8 3/4" 40"x36" 2000 760 $0.00