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Magnetic Push Sweepers

Magnetic Push Sweepers | Optimal Handling Solutions Inc | Material Handling Equipment

Magnetic Push Sweepers


Magnetic Sweepers are ideal for manufacturing facilities and construction sites. The sweeper is ergonomically friendly with an efficient handle controlled release.  The design and capacity can accommodate large and small materials. While, the standard handle allows for comfortable upright position during use, the wheels allow smooth rolling for quick and easy collection of objects.

Models MPSR-24-B and MPSR-36-B have a bended handle for more ergonomic handling.

Model TAM-30 is constructed of aluminum frame for lightweight strength. Other features include a telescoping handle for easy storage and length preference, a manual release for safe disposal, and a rotatable base for maneuverability.


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SKU Removable Process Sweep Width Uniform Capacity (lbs) Weight (lbs) Price
MFSR-18 Hand Release (On top of sweeper) 18" 30 14 $57.50
MFSR-24 Hand Release Lever (On top of sweeper) 24" 30 16 $63.60
MFSR-30 Hand Release Lever (On top of sweeper) 30" 40 21 $82.00
MFSR-36 Hand Release Lever (On top of sweeper) 36" 40 23 $94.30
MPSR-24 Handle Release Lever (On Handle) 24" 50 14 $129.20
MPSR-24-B Handle Release Lever (On Handle) 24" 50 40 $141.50
MPSR-36-B Handle Release Lever (On Handle) 36" 70 51 $188.70
TAM-30 Manual Release 3" 30 31 $17.70