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Magnetic Lifters

Magnetic Lifters | Optimal Handling Solutions Inc | Material Handling Equipment

Magnetic Lifters

Pick up sheets of material by use of overhead crane or chain with the permanent Magnetic Lifter. Magnet is activated or deactivated by simply rotating the lever. Units are lightweight, so transporting from work area to work area is convenient.

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SKU Overall Size (WxDxH) Base Plate (W X L) Capacity (lbs) Weight (lbs) Price
ML-2 6-3/4"x5-3/32"x4-29/32" 2-1/2"x3-5/8" 200 6 $203.10
ML-6 8-11/16"x8"x6-13/16" 3-5/8/"x6-1/2" 600 21 $451.90
ML-12 11"x10-3/4"x8-1/2" 5-1/2"x8-3/4" 1200 52 $718.90