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Handle-It® Medium Duty Guard Rail

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Standard Duty Guard Rail


Our standard safety guard rail provides a cost effective steel safety barrier in your facility. Protect pedestrian walkways, machinery, inplant buildings, and mezzanines from forklift accidents. 

  • Available in single or double rail systems
  • Powder coated Handle It® yellow, yields high visibility in a durable finish
  • Columns are 4.75" × 4.75" steel square tube mounted on a 10" × 10" base plate
  • Our product design allows for faster installation cutting down on labor costs. 
  • Drilled & pretapped posts have mounting on all four sides
  • Custom sizes available for your special projects
  • Heavy duty 3/4'' anchors and hardware/caps included
  • Drop in rail adaptors available

See Accessories:

  • Liftout Adapter allows for guard rails to be easily taken out for simple structure changes
  • Angle Adapter allows for guard rails fit any corner or take any shape
  • Hinged Gate Assembly
  • The HANDLE-IT Hinged Gate Assembly is the perfect accessory for areas in your warehouse or on your property where frequent walk through traffic occurs yet requires that you maintain safety and security. The Hinged Gate Assembly is available for four foot double guardrail (recommended maximum rail length) and enables your employees and small equipment to easily enter or leave secure areas.
    • The two swing rails are held in a closed position by two 9 1/2" arms affixed to a sliding pole at the rear. The bottom and top rails are joined together and slilde out as one piece. Rails slide forward 90 degrees. When closed, the bottom rail is seated on a steel plate which ensures that both rails remain straight and uniform with the remainder of the guardrail.
    • The Hinged Gate Assembly Kit includes the following:
      •    - (2) hinges which attach to two single rail ends
      •    - (1) rail edge plate which attaches to two single rails
      •    - (1) Hinged Gate Assembly Locking Mechanism including (2) column mounting plates

To ensure proper protection consider the following:

  • Measure overall length of area that is to be protected
  • Is there a protruding object or other unusual configuration to measure? (Going around corners)
  • Is this a single or double rail application? (The height to protect is the key factor)
  • Place the guard rail a minimum of 12" in front of protected equipment

Also Note:  (See Accessories)

Add 1: to dimensions B and C if Lift Out Adapters or Down Guard Adapters are being used:
Add 1.5" to dimensions B and C if using Hinge Gate Assembly

Rail and columns must be purchased separately


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SKU Type A-Rail Length B-Center to Center of Columns C--Outside to Outside of Base Plates Description/Baseplate Location Column Height Weight (lbs) Price
GR-10-MD Guard Rail 115" 120" 130" 50 $158.00
GR-9-MD Guard Rail 103'' 108'' 118'' 46 $146.00
GR-8-MD Guard Rail 91'' 96'' 106'' 41 $135.00
GR-7-MD Guard Rail 79 84'' 94'' 37 $117.00
GR-6-MD Guard Rail 67'' 72'' 82'' 32 $102.00
GR-5-MD Guard Rail 55'' 60'' 70'' 27 $83.00
GR-4-MD Guard Rail 43 48'' 58'' 23 $68.00
GR-3-MD Guard Rail 31'' 36'' 46'' 18 $54.00
GR-2-MD Guard Rail 19'' 24'' 34'' 14 $41.00
CS-1-MD Column Single Rail Post / Centered 18.5" 24 $60.00
CSO-1-MD Column Single Rail Post/Offset to one side 18.5" 24 $60.00
CSC-1-MD Column Single Rail Post/Set to Corner of post 18.5" 24 $60.00
CS-2-MD Column Double Rail Post/Centered 43" 39 $102.00
CSO-2-MD Column Double Rail Post/Offset to one side 43" 39 $102.00
CSC-2-MD Column Double Rail Post/Set to Corner of post 43" 39 $102.00