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Drum Lifter/Rotator/Transporter

Model DRUM-LRT (Manual Operation) features a hand pump to lift steel drums from ground level to a raised height of 62" to bottom of drum in vertical position. For use with 55 gallon steel and fiber drums 22" in diameter. A hand crank gear mechanism provides the controlled 360° rotation of the drum. A floor lock is standard to stabilize the unit in a fixed position. Horizontal dump height is 67" from floor to bottom of drum.

Model DRUM-LRT-II (Manual Operation) features pivoting straddle legs for access to steel drums on pallets.  Legs will manually pivot and lock into place with locking pin.

Model DRUM-LRT-DC (DC Power) has a 12V DC battery powered lift operation and a manual hand crank gear mechanism rotation (on-board charger standard). Minor assembly required.

Model DRUM-LRT-DC-II (DC Power) features a 24V DC powered rotation mechanism which provides 360° rotation drum. A 24V DC powered mechanism raises and lowers drums (on-board charger standard).

Model DRUM-LRT-AIR (Air Powered Lift / Manual Rotation)

Model DRUM-LRT-DC-SCL (DC Powered Lift / Drive /Rotae with Scale)  has a fully powered drum scale with powered drive, lift, and rotation. High torque 24V DC drive. Ergonomic handle features safety enhanced emergency remote function and horn. Includes disc brake with automatic dead-man control. Two (2) 12V, 70-85 Ah lead acid batteries. Integral battery charger and level gauge. Scale head features automatic turn off and +/- 0.5 pound accuracy. Scale includes (6) six AA batteries and an AC adaptor.


NOTE:  *Raised Height is with the Drum in vertical position (floor to bottom of drum)


SKU Type Overall Size (WxDxH) Raised Height Capacity (lbs) Weight (lbs) Price
DRUM-LRT Manual 33" x 52" x 85-7/16" 62" 550 519 $1,724.00
DRUM-LRT-II Manual 34" x 51-1/2" x 82-5/8" 62" 550 574 $1,797.80
DRUM-LRT-DC DC Power 36¼" x 61" x 88" 62" 550 729 $4,194.50
DRUM-LRT-DC-II DC Power 36¼" x 61" x 88" 62" 550 754 $5,695.90
DRUM-LRT-AIR Air Powered Lift / Manual Rotation 36¼" x 61" x 88" 62" 550 667 $5,035.50
DRUM-LRT-DC-SCL DC Powered Lit / Drie / Rotate with Scale 61-13/16" X 34-5/8" x 85-7/16" 62" 550 954 $8,545.90
FDA-550-DRUM-LRT-PF Drum Adapter Option (Plastic, Fiber) Factory Installed 15 $349.00